Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to become iPhone Developer in five easy step

Today is the best method of making money iPhone development but you learn only a language and follow some below steps

Step - 1: Choose a language. 

Step - 2: Learn Objective C/C/C++ Apps.
You create Apps after learn any one language. But must be known knowledge of ISO Programming.
You can find any language and development book free and paid from google books or retail market to any writer. When you develop an app then you need download Xcode from app store Xcode software within Mac OS compatibility however download the latest version of Xcode. Make a great app then you use the tool in Xcode.

Step - 3: Open Xcode after download and installation on Mac.
Step - 4: Use all tools in Xcode one by one and check what is the use of a particular operation.
Xcode provides simulator and development atmosphere. Before developing an app you decided app requirement of clients and develop the app according to client requirement. Must be understood to flow and client business or app requirement, but after the creating app should be prepared algorithm for apps. Just stop and think flow of the app, although also the main part of app designing, because a designing part is very important role handling in app.

Step - 5: Create app designing in Xcode.
After creating an app, register app market and submit for approve and wait for some days. After approving your app is available on the app store.

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